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Mujhe Amrita Chahiye


Directed By Rajesh Amarlal Babbar and Written by Yogesh Tripathi, “Mujhe Amrita Chahiye” is a Hindi play that presents the story of a young girl who has to forgo her dreams to fulfil her household duties.

This 30-year-old plain Jane was unmarried since she didn’t fit the typical demand for a ‘pretty’ Indian bride. An active mind & silent tongue are the hallmark of her personality. She could never get herself to express herself.

Things change when Vijaya meets new colleagues. The new situation forces her to look within. Slowly & steadily, like the layers of an onion, her true personality emerges.

The play, presented by Right Path team & Karwan Theater Group Mumbai, shows the protagonist’s journey of self-discovery through the medium of theatre. The satirical play comments on the expectations that society has from women and also the roadblocks that prevent them from fulfilling their destinies.

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